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TAKEO-RYU COMBAT GOSHIN JITSU is a system of self-defense that emphasizes victory through yielding to the physical power of your attacker. When you are faced with a powerful attacker. you should yield to his strength and redirect his energy. then add your energy to overcome the attack. You should always maintain good posture. body movement and principles of balance. The science of Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu is broken down into the following classifications of techniques.

Yoshin-Ryu is a common name for one of several different martial traditions founded in Japan in the Edo Period. The most popular and well known was the Yoshin-ryu line founded by a physician, Akiyama Shirobei Yoshitoki in Nagasaki in 1632. The Akiyama line of Yoshin-Ryu is perhaps the most influential school of Ju-jitsu to exist in Japan. Takeo-ryu Goshin Jitsu was founded by Master Ken Keith in 1972. This ryu contains techniques from Karate, Judo, Kung-Fu and Jujitsu. This Ryu is taught using Japanese terminology along with a doctrine and guidance syllabus for Kyu and Dan ranking.

Ate Waza - Striking Techniques
Atemi Waza - Vital Points
Nage Waza - Throwing Techniques
Geri Waza - Kicking Techniques
Kansetsu Waza - Joint Locking Techniques 
Shime Waza - Choking Techniques
Tai Sabaki - Movement
Kogeki - Attack

Hiji Ate - Elbow Strikes
Uke Waza - Blocks
Fusegi Waza - Escape Techniques
Tanto Dori - Edged weapon defense
Ukemi Waza - Breakfalls
Tachi Waza - Stances
Hangeki - Counterattack
Katame Waza - Grappling Techniques

Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu is composed of techniques from Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, and Kung Fu, thus forming a comprehensive combat system.
In Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu. the psychological fence - circle: (awareness) the verbal fence -square: (aggressive approach) and the physical fence - triangle: (preemptive movement) comprise the "3 fence concept of defense" which exemplifies the philosophy of Takeo-Ryu.

In Takeo-ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu, the combative elements are based on the triangle. The triangle is the strongest geometric structure because it takes the load at the smallest point and distributes the weight over a wide base. Your body, in the natural and defensive stance, is shaped like a triangle with your feet as the base and your head as the point. Your goal is to break the attacker's balance thus taking his power from him while maintaining your balance so that you can neutralize his attack and launch your counterattack. This requires intensive training and dedicated practice of every student participating in Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu.

From the training syllabus of Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu, you will be taught techniques to employ when defending against various types of armed or unarmed attacks. The techniques are small in number in order to insure that they may be practiced regularly enough to develop muscle memory or "mushin" as it is called in Japan. When attacked, there is no time to think; your reflexes must take over. Developing fundamental, realistic self-defense techniques is an absolute must in today's violent society.

Takeo-Ryu Combat Goshin Jitsu is not a sport - it is strictly taught for self-defense purposes employing techniques that focus on the preservation of one's life!

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